Ga Fraud Allegations Span Governor To SOS- This Election Is FAR From Over

I woke up this morning to my former colleague, resident attorney who’s never tried and case, theological scholar who skipped the Gospel, sanctimonious, self aggrandizing, never-Trumper telling me what an apostate I am (and you) for believing reputable legal professionals tasked with investigating allegations of fraud centered around our 2020 general elections. 

I ( and you) was likened to the idolatrous, orgy loving, child sacrificing reprobate children of Israel who God rejected because I still believe in due process and the Constitutional Republic, in which I live and vote, to bring a valid and decisive victory for not only justice, but Donald J Trump. 

If you still believe in due process and procedure, rest assured, according to this duplicitous pundit, you too will burn on the special level of hell reserved for every Trump supporter holding out hope, like Bush supporters did in 2000. The establishment leviathan won’t die easily. 

I was one of the few lucky recipients left on the “free” version of his newsletter also known as, his personal whipping post for the unsuspecting listener. The political Christian Grey himself. 

If you live in the Atlanta area, you are familiar with the nagging voice of doom. It’s beneath me to mention his name. 


I mention this because many of you are being assaulted by trusted news sources and in most cases, abused for clinging to any sliver of hope that our elections can be protected and the legitimate occupation of Donald J Trump in the Oval for another four years.

If you’re not being emotionally and mentally abused by media, you are being neglected. Starved and left dehydrated to die in the desert called “concession’ or “move on”. If you’ve fallowed me for any length of time, you know I’m calling bullsh*t. 

There are three names you need to become familiar with- right now… Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. These are the legal minds and chosen curators of electoral integrity and due process owed to YOU the American voter. 

From General Michael Flynn to the late Richard Jewel, Sidney and Lin represent those who have suffered maligning on levels most of us can’t fathom. “Release the Kraken” was heard around the world on Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs when Sidney informed us of what she has uncovered. Everything from state agency election interference to raids in foreign countries holding servers that altered YOUR vote in attempt to steal our election. All mirroring the practices of Venezuela and other communist nations from which our the voting machines and software in over 30 states originate. 

Your local and mainstream news outlets will tell you there’s nothing to see here. Your local officials will tell you your elections are safe. The ones making $100M deals with voting machine companies owned by Canadians, operated by Venezuelans and tabulated (altered) across the globe from Germany to Spain. Yes, YOUR election was sold to the highest bidder. That is not conspiracy. I traded in my tin foil along with my baby oil, for tanning beds, in my teens. 

I’m playing an excerpt from the Rush Limbaugh show HERE that featured Sidney Powell today. I need you to hear with your own ears that justice is still possible. I need you to hear that thousands of affidavits DO matter. Sworn testimony DOES MATTER. That building a case of widespread voter fraud is what will ultimately lead us to the green pastures of due process and procedure that will lead us before the SCOTUS. 

Whether it’s Israel or your Congress congratulating Joe and Kamala under false pretenses, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. 

The day of justice is near. We are on a timeline with destiny. Stay vigilant, prayerful and hopeful. Don’t fear. 


  • Harold Aukerman says:

    I am behind you. It’s great to have someone keeping us updated.

  • Regina says:

    Thank you for all you do. Keep America Great

  • Brian l says:

    Monica thank you for fighting the good fight & keeping us informed. We can’t let these socialists take over.

  • Kathie Romaker says:

    Monica, I heard you for the first time this evening on PC with Stew and Rich. Thank you for conforming my Faith in God and his Son Jesus Christ. I have told so many friends that God is in control. We are fighting Good vs. Evil. The Devil is trying to take over. My God beat him once and will surly beat him again. Our God is Good and Loves his followers through and through. Thank you for being here for your followers. God Bless you and Keep you safe from Harm.

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