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Monica Matthews is the host of the popular Monica Matthews Show: Life, Love & Liberty!

Monica began her radio career with the number one NEWS/TALK station in the South, 95.5 FM / AM750 WSB Radio.

The first host to tackle the intricacies of Faith, Life & Politics, Monica weaves many years of ministry with her years as a political consultant into a two-hour program packed full of entertainment, compassion, and humor! “The depth of Dr. Laura meets the brass of Neal Boortz—with grace” is how her agent describes her on-air. “No one engages a live audience like Monica” – Greg Moceri

Monica shares, “My love for being on-air comes from believing in what I’m saying and knowing I’m an expert in one thing: MY LIFE. I’m open to dialogue, and I leave people feeling heard, closer to revelation, and hope. That’s a gift in any medium; to be trusted with the ear gates of a person’s soul is a privilege. I also agree with Rush—I’m in the ad business, and no one can sell a product I believe in like me.”

From the West to East Coast, Monica has been called upon to fill in for major talents such as Dana Loesche, Chad Benson, and Herman Cain.

Known for her personal, candid approach to engaging guests, some of Monica’s more notable guests include:

  • Congressman Doug Collins
  • White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows
  • Housing Secretary Ben Carson
  • Mayor Keisha Bottoms
  • US Senator David Perdue
  • Governors Brian Kemp and Rick Scott

And Socio-Political Visionaries such as :

  • Laura Trump
  • Dr. Alveda King & Brigitte Gabriel of ACT For America
  • Academic Scholar & Legal Expert Professor Ron Carlson
  • Entertainment & Society Contributor Debbie D’Souza
  • Business Leaders such as Chick-Fil-A’s Dan Cathy & Rodney Bullard
  • Musicians to include John Hopkins Jr of Zac Brown Band
  • International Pastor & NYT Best Selling Author Jentezen Franklin.

Monica is first and foremost a Christian, daughter of the Most High God. Since losing her husband in 1999 to ALS, Monica has been riding in the front seat on the roller coaster of life. Her book When Jesus Isn’t Enough is born of lessons learned on that real-life journey. As a single, widowed mother, Monica brings an added measure of understanding of the importance of the roles of both mother and father. 

She freely admits to having made her share of mistakes, even falling flat on her face. By God’s grace, she keeps getting back up, embracing the understanding that greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

Monica is a passionate voice for FREEDOM from bondage of every kind and insists on speaking TRUTH without apology. She’s not afraid to candidly share her opinions about life to include tough conversations around race relations, economic and personal disparity of single mothers, the nuclear family unit, and how faith, entertainment, and technology play a vital role in policy and politics. 

A patriot, Monica never wavers in her support of law, order, and justice. Having performed The National Anthem throughout the US for civic and corporate engagements and for dignitaries, Monica stands ready to defend the honor of our fundamental symbolism as a nation to include honoring our flag. 

As a Christian woman, she seeks to help others escape spiritual and emotional prisons that ultimately lead to cultural and national bondage and decay. She believes evil is evil and good is good, and is confident in knowing who she is and Whose she is. She steadfastly holds that God’s first purpose is always people, and His first priority is always freedom.

She is also a grammy-nominated vocal artist, musician, author, and speaker. Monica’s latest album, Windows, has become an international sensation in over 62 countries. 

Monica is a contributor to the internationally televised show The Christian View, broaching today’s tough topics where culture meets faith. She is often called upon for panel discussions around politics and partisan efforts to maintain our Constitutional Republic. 

 My Book

To all those who feel lonely, empty, broken, forgotten, and starving for fulfillment in life…

If you’re a single woman, you’ve heard it a thousand times: We don’t really know why you’re still single, but hang in there, girl. Just keep doing the right things, and God will bless you.

But sometimes it just doesn’t feel like Jesus is enough—even though you know He should be.

You want to be faithful to your Savior but find yourself longing for more—and feeling guilty about it. Why can’t you experience a fulfilling relationship with an awesome Christian guy—what’s wrong with you?

The frustration can leave you wondering if you’re good enough or, worse, broken by past mistakes.

  • “A powerful and inspiring read for every single woman.”

          —Ginny Dent Brant, Author of Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World

  • “Quick-witted, strong, courageous, and authentic…her journey will inspire and give hope!”

          —Shannen Fields, Actress, Facing the Giants, Speaker, Producer

  • “Monica’s new book is a deeply satisfying read for every Christian woman!”

          —Jaci VelasquezDove Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Author

As a single, Christian mother and widow for 17 years, Monica knows what it’s like to long for more. Monica reveals how indulging in her own “buffets” left her famished and longing for food that fulfills—a feast from her Fiancé above.

What she learned and now shares here is that you can enjoy the most satisfying life by honestly answering the one question you’ve been afraid to ask: Is Jesus really enough?


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