Your Safety In Your Own Hands

As Mr. Bart Mitchum of Action Detective Agency shared with us on this week’s show, your safety can never be taken for granted. In light of what seems to be a more regular occurrence with evil always looking for a way to manifest in the earth, you have to your safety seriously and into your own hands.

I DO NOT believe it is God’s will for us to live in FEAR. But it IS His will that we live AWARE. Pray over your family at the beginning of every day. Take authority over those weapons that the enemy forms against you and your loved ones, in the name of Jesus and call upon your assigned angels of God’s protective army to go before you and yours. Declare that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Know your authority in Jesus Christ and where you and your family sit in the heavenlies and live your life with wisdom and the security of knowing your words have power and you stand in the authority of the written and manifested Word, Jesus Christ.

THEN take some common sense, practical measures to ensure we get to keep you around as long as possible! Amen?! Amen.


Here are a few practical measures you can take to stay safe out this Christmas Season ( and always)

  1. Avoid = RUN. Avoiding Contact. 
  2. Deter = Barricade 
  3. Defend = Engage Physically

One common way terrorists are taking out more victims in large groups is by creating a chaotic environment and essentially herding people into a common area. Think: Pulling a fire alarm. Always carefully check to make sure there is an actual threat of fire etc.. before running into the arms of a calculating assailant.

Avoiding the assailant is the goal. But should you be left making other decisions, look for restrooms with doors that open inward. Use a pocket knife to create wedge that will jam the door and get out of the path of a bullet should the assailant shoot thru the door. For travelers, you can also use a rubber doorstop to place under your hotel door to create a barrier to entry. Mr. Bart says the hotel bar on the door we think keeps us safe, is highly ineffective at keeping someone out! Sigh

Defending yourself should be your last option, but an option nevertheless. This is YOUR life or theirs. This isn’t the time to negotiate with a madman intent on carrying out evil.

As for your personal property, below you will find very inexpensive and effective ways to make your home less attractive to those seeking easy targets. Having been the victim of a robbery, I can tell you, it’s not something you want to endure and there are definitely things I’ve changed to take my safety into my own hands.

I am a second amendment girl, but as my alarm agent told me, the goal is to KEEP THEM OUT if at all possible. Do you really want to spend the next 2-5 years in court DEFENDING yourself against a societal parasite? NOPE.

Print this and do it today! As for alarm services, Ackerman Security is my personal choice. They have very affordable packages and monthly monitoring fees. You may not think you have valuables worth securing, but remember, YOU are your greatest valuable as are your loved ones.

1. Reinforce your front door with a frame reinforcement. Strike Master is a notable        brand. 

2. Sliding glass doors: Purchase a film kit that makes it very hard to break the glass out otherwise it literally takes seconds to break your glass and enter your home. Also, jam the sliding glass door with a broomstick handle. 

3. Windows: Wooden dowels. Jam windows from opening. 

4. ALL exterior doors needs to be metal.

5 . Bolt/Long Screws that can disable windows from being opened. 

Garage Note: If windows in garage, install curtains or blinds on garage windows so people don’t know your schedule.. they monitor your movements.. **Clean out garage to park inside. NEVER pack your car in your driveway. My thief watched me pack. Creepy. 

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