What’s Your Excuse?

This week, I featured two guests who told of overcoming poverty. I chimed in with bits and pieces of my own story and I wanted to go a little deeper with you guys.

Tis the season to feel guilty for many parents  and if you’re not careful, the enemy of all joy and peace (satan) will have you wanting to jump from a bridge wearing the worst parent of the year bandana. But wait! I’m about to give you a few reasons why that’s a super bad idea.

First, it’s a horrific idea because God needs you. ( and so do your kids!) Yes, I know that’s hard for the theologically rooted pharisaical spirits to say amen to, but the bottom line is, He does. Let me clarify. Does God need anything or anyone to BE God? Nope. But He took the time out of eternity to create YOU. Yes, YOU in His very own image and likeness for a specific time in the earth and with very specific gifts, talents, testimonies, struggles, triumphs, blessings etc.. He created YOU for HIS pleasure. Ok, so now that we have that straight, the rest is gravy.

You simply exist because God thought it was a good idea to breathe life into your spirit and send you here to be blessed and to be a blessing. YOU are my gift and I am yours. The world needs you. Period.

As for sitting around that Christmas tree wondering how you will fulfill not only this holiday, but all the needs that may seem insurmountable, I want to give you my secret to walking through that financial valley of the shadow of death, for many many years. Ready?

Here it is: Faith, Order, Trust and Action. 

When we call upon God’s Word for Truth in the face of our circumstances including our depleted bank accounts, He answers. Why? Because He is a good Father who hears us and knows our needs before we ask. He said that we have to first believe that He is and then draw near and He will too (faith). He also says that when we put His Kingdom and His righteousness FIRST, all these things will be added, all our needs will be met (order). He also says when we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He will order our steps (action). And doing any of this takes.. trust.

So, I’ve basically just debunked every generational lie telling you this is your plight, everyone in your family was broke, you’ve always been broke and you will always be broke. This was the Truth I clung to when I had to secretly peruse a church gift line for the homeless because I couldn’t afford what I wanted to get for my daughter one Christmas. It was the Truth I clung to when my credit was so bad due to medical bills and saying screw it, what’s the point because I’m so far behind my name no longer matters. This was the truth I clung to when I thought my daughter would be better off with a family who could provide more for her in the way of things. But here’s the action I took:

I showed up. I put my pride aside and I took advantage of every possible situation to expose my daughter to life more abundant. Various social settings we had ‘no business’ being a part of from a socio-economic standpoint. Providing her with every opportunity to meet interesting and productive people who were busy with excellence. Meeting with her teachers, talking to her daily about life, politics, nature, her spirit, people, art, history and culture. Traveling with families who were generous with their financial and heart wealth, those who embraced our temporary situation without pity, but with open arms and opportunity.

I taught her not to shamefully despise our temporary financial circumstance, but to embrace the benefits that come with being poor in the way of funding for her college education and scholarships for study abroad opportunities for the economically challenged. Notice, I didn’t say, under privileged. It’s not a privilege to have your needs met, it’s a promise. It’s not a privilege to reap the rewards of hard work, it’s to be expected, however delayed the fruit may be.

I took to the internet and looked into camps and experiences that would enrich her life and watched her sell pens she learned to wrap in colorful duct tape to sell to raise funds to go on an Ambassador program to Italy, France and Greece. I enrolled her in etiquette classes at half price as a barter. I asked for help when I needed it and I graciously accepted it. I gave back what I could give and I expected our blessings because my Father and caretaker of the widows and poor, promised.

I refused self pity and excuses and I took full advantage of every single program in place to assist people like us so my daughter could be an asset to the world around her. So she wouldn’t walk out into the world demanding equality, but showing up equal. So she wouldn’t walk through life with her hands out, but up. Our help comes from above and so does yours.

If you are sitting home feeling sorry for yourself or listening to satan’s accusations about your inability to provide or you have made it your kids’ fault for being alive that you are so burdened, this is my tough love call to action. You are left with less than zero excuse. We all are. We live in the greatest nation on earth and serve the only living GOD. We are all that and a bag of chips, whether we can afford a bag of chips at the moment or not.

I am a wealth of resources and provide you with weekly inspirational guests to walk through your valley with you. I am more than happy to assist in pointing you in the direction you seek, to align your life with abundant living. Whether health, finances, relationships, spiritually.. if you need some personal encouragement or direction, simply ask.

Remember: Faith, Order, Trust, Action. This is my Christmas gift to YOU. I’m not His favorite, we all are.



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