Unsettled- The New Normal

AS A WOMAN, it’s natural for me to not only be in tune with my feelings, but every living thing around me. With the recent onslaught of every assault on my psyche, my love of country and its inhabitants, my hopes and dreams of a future endowed with certain unalienable rights and ultimately, my joy, I’ve had to create stolen moments from the constant feeling I can’t seem to shake- unsettled.

Watching buildings and neighborhoods burn at the hands of so called Americans rioting and shouting down the foundations of the nation for the cause of anarchy and oppression, has left me like most of you, breathless.

I am unsettled. I am aware. Almost too aware. Of just how vulnerable and helpless I feel most days as of late. The volley between re-grouping my thoughts to center around unadulterated TRUTH and dismantling the lies crafted by soulless ghouls in my industry, can be exhausting.

Recently, while finding solace in every new growth in my well tended garden, I remembered something vital to this season of life. Through most of my adult trials I have learned to centered myself in the eye of every storm. When I helplessly watched the injustice of my only child bleeding to death with no cure, the violent theft of her health and youth, I had a vision of Christ standing in the eye of the storm as all the debris circled me. Had I stayed on the fringes, I would have ultimately been struck a fatal blow. Circumstances were too much. I ran for LIFE with the little hope I had left and clung to the safety, promise and sanity I believed, by faith, to be safe harbor. And He was. And He is.

I am unsettled. As are most of you. The storm is raging and I am once again reminded not to make permanent decisions in a temporary situation. Not to give the enemy any ground whatsoever in my mind, my head and my heart. Not to rely on my own understanding, but to be ready in and out of season to actively participate in the preservation of truth and liberty. To give an account for my belief and the service it provides to a nation with diminishing returns.

My commitment to myself is this: I will NOT live in guilt. I will NOT cower to the lords of this earth dispatched by hell to usher in chaos and destruction. I will NOT align with female idolatry and the gender centric mental illnesses normalized by a culture hell bent on mocking the Creator of male and female. I will NOT give up on this country or the ideas that make her the beacon of light she is. I will NOT align with a spirit of apathy calling me to slumber as an act of willful aggression. I will NOT value my safety, reputation or comfort more than my liberty to appease a blood thirsty generation of anti-American rebels.

I WILL stand. Unsettled, but not defeated.

Join me.



  • Rob Hadley says:

    know that I am with you as I believe there are many others as well we will be called upon when the Lord is come and we shall vanquish these satanic forces trying to destroy us and our way of life God bless you and keep you safe be strong keep up the good work you do

  • Thomas Black says:


  • Linda Zvonar says:

    Thank you. So needed to hear this. Hubby has news on all day! I get weary of all the propaganda.

    I cannot believe people are so willing to give up their freedoms.

    Bless you.

  • Would you please explain this: “When I helplessly watched the injustice of my only child bleeding to death with no cure, the violent theft of her health and youth,…” or put it in context?

    Thank you. I enjoy reading your commentary.

  • Bill Bosworth says:



    Thank you, Monica- exactly what I needed to hear tonight..it strengthened my resolve to persevere even if “unsettled”.

  • Sandy Tothill says:

    Amen sister…I love this country and will NEVER abandon it and it’s ideals.
    Thank you for your timely message.

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