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Most of the challenges I hear people are having center around relationships. I’m not sure that in the era of drive thru divorce anyone is coming  away unscathed. The current noncommittal generation is all the evidence we need. What is the price of all our reality television based relational skills building? What is the price on our emotional and spiritual health as a culture, a nation built on family?

My daughter recently suffered her first break up. She’s young, but reading her words on the link below, reminded me of how much of an equal opportunity deceiver living with blinders on can be. The bliss of ignorance is all fun and games until it isn’t. What do you do with all that pain? All those realizations of your role or the other person’s role in the failure to launch as a worth driven individual?

Whether you’re 14 or 74, these words can resonate with a broken heart. A heart in search of what we are all wired for: intimacy. To truly be known and accepted is intoxicating for sure. What do you do when it becomes your oxygen and reality disconnects the machine you’ve depended on for its supply?

She has a few ideas..

Enjoy and share, share share.. the world is hurting. Young and not so young, alike. You can FOLLOW her work HERE.

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  • Monica – you are awesome and you have raised an incredible daughter. I cannot believe she has such grit to walk through the hurting and be so very transparent! And to reach out to others! I want to shout out loud,
    “You go girl! You are real and lovely and want what we all want – to be truly seen and truly heard. And as hard as this is – there is really one sure place that happens – but you already know where that is: in the arms of your heavenly Father. Hang in there my young friend. This is not the end. You will never forget this moment of raw hurt. But there will be another who sees you and helps you to feel wonderfully alive while you walk this path. You are lovely! God’s peace to you.”
    Monica – Thank you for sharing your self, your daughter and your words!

  • Denise Moore says:

    Love Ali’s The B Word, wise words for such a young soul, Momma M did a good job. I had to share her post inspiring for those that stumble a little


    • Pat Albert says:

      Years ago I was feeling pretty much the way Ali was feeling. Then I decided I would just let
      God be my boyfriend. It is amazing how fast things changed. The world looked better, the world responded better and I didn’t miss the male gender. Not one bit. So take a deep breath ladies and if you don’t have an absolutely wonderful boyfriend, husband, etc. in your life just start walking with God. He’s a real hunk!

      BTW, God said that he thought I was pretty OK so he put a really wonderful guy in my path to be my soul mate, with God’s blessings. Remember, “It’s never too late to live happily ever after”. Yay God!

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