Thirsty But Not Forgotten

“Honestly, many times I found myself starving and thirsting in loneliness, making comparisons and feeling frustration as a single woman. In those moments I decided that Jesus wasn’t enough, and I indulged in buffets that left me even more weary, famished, and dehydrated.” 

—Monica Matthews, When Jesus Isn’t Enough


Most of the world has no idea to what extent they are physically dehydrated.

Parched. Acidic. Crusty. Shriveled. Much less, spiritually.

You get the idea.

The world is a lonely place. For the single and married alike. Ever lie next to someone and know with certainty, that if you stopped breathing they may not take notice until the next day?

I have. Parched.

Ever come home from a wedding as ‘a single’ and think to yourself, WTHeck? When will it be my turn to be loved and pour into someone else’s life as a partner? I have. Crusty.

You know, those times when you are convinced your prayers are somewhere on the bottom of God’s sandals because NOTHING is manifesting? Shriveled.

Well, you’re not alone. But I CAN with certainty, tell you this about that, it’s okay for you to acknowledge those feelings and take them to the God you feel has forgotten you. The one you are certain missed a few hairs on your head and turned the channel when He saw your name come up on the prayer ID.

Yes, that one. The Father who does know every thought that concerns you and still holds an interest in your success as a whole being in his image. That one.

The ‘bad’ decisions come when we forget. When we feel forgotten. But don’t forget this, you are not forgotten and God is greater than your feelings.

He is a very present help in time of need whether single or married and yearns to partner with you, right now, right this second.

He longs to see you finish your race and finish well. Hydrated.

Seek Him and agree with Him and His Word. This will allow Him to pour His living waters upon your soul and watch as your spirit rises beyond the scorch of life’s sun.

You WILL bloom.

Open up and allow His waters to flow in. Drink and let your cup run over. This is His will for the lonely; that you would allow Him to comfort you.




  • Bill says:

    Great post, Monica! Superb reminder of how we all need to be refreshed.

  • Fatima says:

    Love this Monica! Single or married this totally applies and such a great reminder. Thank you.

  • Michelle says:

    So poignant! I cannot recall yearning for marriage as a young girl. I used to tell my mother I never wanted to marry. Of course I have since learned the reasons for those feelings…and have become the woman I am today because of my sometimes horrible experiences… yet, the best outcome was how they lead me to my relationship with Jesus Christ… I still don’t know why some things happen the way they do…it troubles me sometimes… but I trust He has the best plan for my life…and I will always trust Jesus… thank you for sharing your heart

    • Monica Matthews says:

      Thank you for sharing Michelle! Everyone certainly has their place and purpose in this fabric called the Body of Christ.. some of us walk with partners and other don’t. I can relate to both:)

  • Staci says:

    Such a great reminder! It is so refreshing to see your beautiful gifts manifest. Thank you for answering God’s calling on your life, Moni. His Kingdom needs you. Love you and I am proud of you!

  • Monica Matthews says:

    Than you my friend!! Couldn’t make it without you!

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