The Forgotten Fundamentals Of Womanhood

People seek my personal perception and messaging regarding women’s issues, regularly. I am indeed a woman and I speak to cultural issues pertaining to women through two filters: Secular and Faith.

Let me explain.

While I am in fact a woman of faith, I am first a woman. A flesh and blood woman with a real existence in a real, tangible world. I am not immune to narratives and cultural shifts. I am human. I was born with a genetic and spiritual disposition to think, feel, and behave like my ancestors. To manifest the sins of my mother and father.

Rarely satisfied with the obvious…

I’ve spent many dark nights and days in the annals of my family’s spiritual footprint in the earth and have come to a very real conclusion; I am not stuck.

While I can relate to the world and all its ways, I am a woman of faith and that means I have choices. I am not a victim of ‘ceilings’, self-imposed or otherwise. I am not waiting for an invitation to the boardroom table or the podium to shape lives with God inspired ideas. I am not waiting to be perfect or for my feelings to catch up with the truth of an all-encompassing and opportunity-making God.

I show up. And you can too.

I overheard a recent conversation at a women’s networking event that deserves to be addressed in the midst of current cultural and national wars.

A woman was making the declaration that as women, we aren’t inclined to work as a team. We aren’t good at inviting others into our sandbox. Others were agreeing with her!


My insertion was simply a reminder that as women, we have always been the community builders. The nurturers of our respective herd. Sure, we can lead the herd, but it’s never been at the expense of the herd or going it alone. This is a modern day (post WWII) narrative gaining traction in kitchens and boardrooms across the globe. In it’s simplest terms: It’s a lie. She inevitably agreed.

Eighteen years of hell outside of the boardroom has kept me in tact.

I am so grateful for exile island. I feel like a lite-version of Nelson Mandela. I was held captive by circumstances beyond my control that would have made many people crumble, but I believe God preserved me for such a time as this. Imprisoned by an invisible captor who manifested through disease and poverty, I was silenced and kept from playing on the field of life others were busy cultivating.

Ministry has taught me that regardless of practice size or how many employees answer to us, as women, we are all wired to communicate and corral. That’s what we do. At our core, that’s who we are.

When we stop believing in our fundamental nature and subscribe to ideologies that limit us, we short-change the lives entrusted to us. Both in and out of the boardroom.

What do YOU think? Have you forgotten the nurturing, community building component to being a woman? If so, why?

Can you see where this has caused a deficit in your life, business, and/or family?

Are you a man who has been affected by a woman’s inability to rely upon her natural inclination to nurture and build others up? How is that affecting your ability to help others today, personally and professionally?

Tell me about it…

I address this issue and many more in my book!

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  • Michael says:

    Catch you occasionally on WSB, Sunday AM but IMO you’re on too early. I’d prefer you be on-air in Allen Hunt’s old time-slot, 6P-8P. I believe you’d be more effective ’cause you’d reach more people. On the flip-side, I enjoy your show nonetheless…whenever I am up to tune-in.

    • Monica Matthews says:

      Thank you for listening! I enjoyed my 3 hour show yesterday from 6-9pm… hope you had a chance to listen, if not, it’s up on Podcast:)

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