Substance Over Filler- The Battle For America Continues

As someone who some would consider an influencer by way of media outlets and online platforms, I feel an insatiable need to serve a real meal. A southern biscuit, beef stew, peas and cornbread kind of meal. The Tapas (small bites) of online communication is wearing me thin. Like most of you.

We were all set up for the current kill years ago when the information junkies lured us in for ‘connection’. When I say info junkies, I’m referring to the big tech gurus who knew selling YOU would be more profitable than anyone could ever have imagined. Selling to the nation’s enemies and marketplace of power mongrels, alike. With every agreement with ‘terms of service’ we signed up for this- the current implosion.

Our physical brains literally rewired for a quick bite approach to what should otherwise be a substantive conversation. One that involves more thought than emotion. Yet, here we are. Our puppy pictures, entree choices and fake fabulous lives, posted and Tweeted, have betrayed us and when it really counts, we are left to our own demise and lust to have our voices heard by a government and society rapidly approaching self destruction.

Instead of taking to our legislatures and Governors’ offices in person, we take to our fingers. Why? It’s safer. It FEELS empowering. The Turkish bizarre of our national dialogue sold to the most creative use of 120-240 characters. By creative, I mean emotive. Are we moving the needle? Not really. Unless you’re referring to the needle we stab into our veins for another quick hit on matters that are rapidly leading the nation to a physical battlefield.

Whistleblowers are coming forward with harrowing stories of being threatened, bullied, cancelled and downright exiled from life for doing the right thing. For sharing substantive evidence of fraud, yet your media – Conservatives included, will tell you there’s nothing to see here. Nothing? Do you really need someone to tell you as an American citizen, the importance of securing your election? Or to go vote? Tell me my confidence in your civic aptitude isn’t displaced.

The substantive dialogue goes something like this, we are each individually responsible for where we are as a nation. Whether we voted or sat it out in the years leading up to this, we had a role in this. We naively placed our national security in the hands of domestic terrorists with badges and vaults of secrecy while willingly handing our liberties over for the ‘feeling’ of safety. We’ve been lazy. We’ve been full on the drippings of super sized, bleached fake everything burger. We’ve turned a blind eye to bad actors in our own parties. But why? Why would we choose to be so willfully neglectful? I’ll let you answer that.

Why are we willing to vote in an election with proven deficiencies, compromised by back door software avenues and absentee ballot harvesting/stuffing fraud. Why? Why are we chasing our tails in fault finding with those stating the very obvious- which is to FIX the leaks before you get back in the boat? Why?

For all of our academic debt, we are truly a nation filled with stupid people. That’s not emotion, that’s a verifiable substantive statement. How do I know? Because we are willing to settle for fighting each other rather than the gatekeepers to our processes and procedures.

Our current national diabetic coma, leaves us vulnerable and situated for a takeover from which I’m not so sure we recover. At least not for a few generations. We are compromised. There is no denying it. Our enemies know it, both domestic and abroad.

Substance looks like knowing and invoking your civic process and procedures- leaving the emotional fray behind. Let them serve you not rule you.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. I’m just tired of watching the writhing. I believe you can chew gum and walk at the same time. You can choose to demand an uncompromised voting system, GA. You can also vote on Jan 5. One should precede the other.

You don’t need party heads and pundits to talk to you like a child. We need the adults in the room to stand up.

That’s you.


  • Dennis Hedke says:

    Hi Monica,

    I am a consulting geophysicist in Wichita, KS, and I served 6 years in the Kansas House of Representatives, the last 4 of which I was Chairman of the Energy & Environment Committee.

    We fought off the mandates that caused electricity rates to increase 50% in 9 years–brought the Utilities to the table, and brought to light the fraud behind wind energy. Made it as free market as we could, but the Evergy’s just could not stop themselves, continuing to rape the ratepayers. I digress.

    We need to get the President back in charge, or we will certainly be doomed as a free Republic. Lin Wood pointed me to you, so to him I am very grateful.

    If there is any way I can help you, just let me know.

    God Bless You Monica

  • Patricia says:

    BRAVA!!! Very well said. Education is key. Our children are stupid the system has failed us, as is seen by the riots. History needs to be taught for what is right and just. This country was built for freedom but there are also morals, values and ethics, too. Everyone who lives here should pledge allegiance to the USA. There is no better country on earth.

  • Christina says:

    Thank God I found you❤️

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