Stadium Documentary Reveals Theft At High Levels – What You Need To Know – MB Stadium, The New Slavery?

It’s Super Bowl week in Atlanta, but not all residents are celebrating the rich getting richer on the backs of the already poor.

While tens of thousands will flood the gates of the equivalent of the Roman Coliseum, I’m reminded of how the decadent structures of entertainment have haunted many before us. It didn’t end well. It won’t for us either.

The premier of The Home Team opens tomorrow evening January 31, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. I plan to be front and center to celebrate the exposure of the greatest fraud perpetuated on tax payers, rich and poor alike.

For a little over a year, I’ve been sounding the alarm on the necessity to take a closer look at what our beautiful new stadium brings to our city. What it costs us. I’ve endured skewering, berating and even warnings of living less than a long life for addressing one of a few honey pots our elected officials have signed on for, in the name of legacy and economic advancement.

I’m proud to announce, I’m not the only one who sees through the smoke and mirrors and without race as a precursor to shutting down all conversations about the fraud perpetuated on unsuspecting tax payers and long time residents of Atlanta and many other cities across the country, we can now grab our popcorn and weep together. Assuming you have a soul.

Attorney Wayne Kendall is taking on the sports leviathan. The AJC wrote a piece on the pending appeal of a case we should all take note of and it make national headlines. He also stars in a documentary outlining the theft perpetuated on the poor and rich alike (emphasis added by me).

See, what affects one group of citizens affects all. When one demographic is robbed of opportunity, we all suffer. The uneducated of today become the criminal justice ward later. The disenfranchised today become the 60% of Medicaid babies we pay for tomorrow.

You simply cannot affect change without understanding the connected nature of politics, policy and public outcome. In a time when race divides us more than ever, I’d like to think this film outlines the truth in power and greed knows no skin color limitation.

Elected Commissioners and Council Members, along with Mayors and Governors of all persuasions, all over the nation, have built their golden sports calf stadiums, on the backs of tax payers and neighborhoods in dire need of rebirth. It costs us education, resources, infrastructure and ultimately lives.

This story is Atlantas and many across the nation. Police pensions and others are built upon this shaky foundation all over the nation and what do you think will happen with the seats dry up. When another Colin Kapernick emerges and the NFL begins to flounder and can’t put butts in seats? We are in the hot seat for buildings with zero value to us without collecting a taxable income. Our officials sold us out. And we voted for them.

WATCH,  weep and pray 

There’s also a fantastic BOOK a dear friend of mine wrote that outlines, in fictitious account, what Atlanta and many other cities are practicing in the way of slavery in the name of pet projects and economic development. It will blow your mind. Blinded Authority, download it today! 


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