Sex Gate. Is It Just ‘Our’ Animal Nature?

Ministering to the hearts and minds of men and women for many years, the current sex allegation mania comes at no surprise. As humans, we are capable of any and everything. Hence, why I’m personally grateful I have another option other than writhing around in the dust of our animal nature.

Animals. It’s funny, most people of the liberal persuasion are very quick to remind us that we are mere animals. But for some strange reason, when we live up to that expectation, the collective gasps can be heard through hashtag de jour. Who knew the # would become the voice of the ages regarding all things social justice. However quasi it may  be.

I say this with a bit of sass because I’m the woman who has endured many years of ridicule and mockery regarding my faith in the Author of our higher nature. There’s honestly a part of me that sits back in my reclining desk chair with my arms crossed over the top of my head with a bit of a smirk on my face, as each new day brings with it a new accuser & alleged perpetrator. If I’m really honest, I vacillate between this positional attitude and the robust laughter of Ursula from under the sea.

But that’s my animal nature 😉

Every morning workout brings with it a new victim. Whether an actual victim of the accused who’s suddenly publicly tried and executed from respective professions and social standing or suspicion reporting from unscrupulous newscasters.

My viewpoint is simple; I am grieved. I’m grieved because we are all getting our a**es kicked by the same enemy who kicked our a**es from the very beginning. The one demanding his nature be made manifest in an attempt to exalt himself above The Author’s throne. The one who tempted woman who then tempted man. The accuser who manifested in Adam’s own accusation against God for giving him that damn woman! (emphasis added)

Grievous. That’s my higher nature by the way. The one grieving. The one that’s mocked and ridiculed. The nature discounted by the world of animals-r-us, because with it, comes a set of values I choose to not only uphold to the best of my ability as a human with flesh, (and fail regularly) but because it holds a mirror up to the asshatery we see unfolding that says, “See, you do need to seek something a little higher than our human understanding and (animalistic) cravings”

Faith. So much more than a personal mantra. It instructs me on right and wrong. It’s a trustworthy compass. Don’t act like you came out of the womb, as the animal you proclaim to be, and you just knew it wasn’t ‘right’ to put your hands down the little girl’s or boy’s pants when you were both 5 in the back of the playground.  Someone likely told you it wasn’t ok because at 5, even the most backwoods animalistic human knows physical boundaries of children are a good thing.

But fast forward a few years from 5 to maybe 13. Without the nurture and admonition of The Author of order, it becomes, “boys will be boys”, “Girls rule the world”, and a myriad of entertainment and cultural messages that undermine the very social constructs we proclaim we want to adhere to, if only when victimized by a fellow animal.

I submit to you, it’s all nuts.

As a real victim of real sexual assault(s), I can tell you my blood boils with every new hashtag campaign, every daily firing for ‘alleged’ sexual ‘misconduct’ that may or may not have happened 10-30 years ago.

I’m not discounting that these things take place in the workplace and if I were a statitician, I would ask you to consider that it stands to reason that the workplace is the most likely place for this to happen. After all, most of our lives our spent where? At WORK.

It’s nothing personal as much as, probable. As a matter of probability, work becomes the most vulnerable place for indiscretions of all kinds to emerge. The jungle. But is it up to our HR departments to legislate our every personal thought or gesture? Are we that animalistic that our HR departments are nothing more than well paid zookeepers?

What I’m really suggesting to you is that we have an individual responsibility to know, respect and practice the rules of engagement, whether work or play.  As a woman of God (not perfected), as far as I’m concerned, women have just as much of a burden to bring professionalism to the work landscape as men.

But here’s the deal, some women come to work with a great skillset minus the emotional and mental fortitude to not only know what’s appropriate, but honor herself and her male counterparts by living accountable. She fails to live the transparent life we demand of our male counterparts because well, she’s a girl and somehow pink is the pre-dominant color in the cultural apathy rainbow. I’m calling BS.

Another side to the garden of eden experience we seem to be reliving, is the fact that some women, whether work or play, have an insatiable need for attention. This craving comes at the expense of men and I often wonder about our expectations of men to ‘control themselves’ while demanding those same men notice us.

Somehow, women are the only ones who get to ‘move the bar’ of what’s appropriate when it comes to defining notice. And since we are all living in a constant state of defense, offense, and blurred lines, it leaves everyone with broken lines of communication, busted budgets to due litigation, eggshell workspaces, and a general malaise of unsustainable suspicion. We won’t survive this without someone rising above.

Above what? Our human propensity to resort to base living until all that’s left is emasculated men being ruled by women armed with self pleasuring devices and a grave disdain for our counterparts in creation that God himself intended to repair since Adam first blamed Eve.

It costs us as a society.

Mock if you must, cast lots on who the next exposure will bring? Make it a partisan issue of who’s more hypocritical or deviant, but know this, we all have equal responsibility on this earth to see clearly, speak truth and exercise judgment with mercy. If you are without sin, cast the first stone.

The age of 50 shades of CRAY is cashing checks on our lives. Ladies, you know the difference between right and wrong. If  you perceive someone’s behavior is off toward you, say something. To THEM.

If it persists, take action and be prepared to take the heat, find a new job and possibly, suffer ridicule. I wish I could say I feel sorry for your pain, but that’s honestly the price of admission to living in your higher nature in a world full of self proclaimed animals.  It will cost you to stand for what’s right. Welcome to actual love.

You’ll thank yourself and spare another generation 30 years from now from the sins that so easily beset some more than others.

Your Sister.



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