S. Korea, Sovereignty, Remaining Strong In The Faith- Unplugged

Good evening beautiful people! My podcast was about all the above and then my upload wouldn’t occur.

My apologies.

On the brief tip.. S Korea is basically telling N. Korea don’t let our sovereign right as a nation to practice defending ourselves serve as an excuse for you to start with your ICBM mess again.

Kind of the same spirit we have going on here. A sovereign nation, with sovereign states, with communists telling people of liberty what they can feel, think, say and commemorate.

I look forward to the first man or woman Mayor or Governor who will have the spine to stand tall and look anarchy in the face and say, “Not on my watch!”. That’s leadership.

If I were your Governor or Mayor, you can bet this would not be a battle I would surrender for the sake of the war. The war is to strip us naked of all 1A rights while dividing us.

Someone has to wear the big girl/boy panties and say NO MORE. History stands and the rest of us are moving forward. Don’t run and ask dad, the answer is NO.

You’d be amazed how well a decision maker rooted in liberty and order can influence the rudder of a population. You know why? Because God honors order and liberty.

Let’s try again tomorrow.. I love you, I’m sorry for the delay..


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