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“Monica Matthews is living proof that God uses our life struggles to create sparkling diamonds. If you’ve ever felt discouraged, empty, or alone as a Christian woman, let When Jesus Isn’t Enough fill you up and encourage you to live in the freedom only Christ can bring. Monica’s new book is a deeply satisfying read for every Christian woman!”

—Jaci Velasquez, Dove Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Author

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If you’re a single woman, you’ve heard it a thousand times: Jesus should be enough for you. We don’t really know why you’re still single, but hang in there, girl. Maybe if you just do all the right things, God will bless you.

But sometimes (many times, if we’re being totally honest) it just doesn’t feel like Jesus is enough—even though you know He should be.

Why can’t you experience a fulfilling relationship with an awesome Christian guy— what’s wrong with you? You want to be faithful to your Savior but find yourself longing for more—and feeling guilty about it.

All of it leaves you wondering if you’re good enough or somehow undeserving of happiness because of mistakes you’ve made in the past. You really do want Jesus to be enough, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like God even cares about you anymore.

If that describes you how you feel as a single woman—or any woman, for that matter—you are not alone.

As a single, Christian mother, widowed for 17 years, Monica knows what it’s like to long for more. Her candid conversation about her struggle with these realities will encourage any Christian—but especially the single woman who feels as if God has forgotten her.

Monica reveals how indulging in her own “buffets” left her famished and longing for food that fulfills—a feast from her Fiancé above. Her own stories of abuse, betrayal, suffering, and blessings position her to demonstrate how to reject the demeaning lies of the world and embrace the celebratory truths in Christ.

To help you find the satisfaction you seek, Monica has prepared the ultimate feast, a 9-course meal complete with an aperitif and after-dinner cordial, everything the starving single woman needs to realize true fulfillment.

Each course concludes with calls to Cleanse Your Palate and Dig a Little Deeper, specific practical questions to ask and steps to take as the Spirit works within you once again.

What she learned on her life journey and now shares in these compelling pages is that you can enjoy the most satisfying meal for a single women’s starving soul by honestly answering the one question you’ve been afraid to ask: Is Jesus really enough?

The Ultimate Meal

Aperitif: Fine Dining: True Comfort Food

Appetizer: Damaged by Abuse—But God

Course 1: The Starting Point: Who Am I?

Course 2: Drinking from the Wrong Wells

Course 3: Cycles of Whoredom

Course 4: Addicted to Love

Course 5: Annulment, Please

Course 6: Speaking of Daddies, Who’s Yours?

Course 7: Survival Mode

Course 8: Exposing Sweet Little Lies

Course 9: Between Us Girlz

Dessert: Celebrate!

After-Dinner Cordial

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