President’s Speech Leads To Repentance

With Love Day approaching, I thought I’d take a moment to combine politics with some love.

Yes, it’s possible.

The President’s speech during the National Prayer Breakfast left a mark on my psyche, my soul and it honestly, brought me to a place of repentance. Crazy, right?

I mean, not many of you, likely the President included, could see how he, of all people, could lead someone to repentance where their faith is concerned, but remember the OT donkey?

Yes, God can and does, use anyone He has poured His Spirit into to speak to others with His abiding Spirit of Truth.

Warning, if you are one of the sanctimonious ones regarding the authenticity of the President’s Christian faith walk, this post will have your religious hairs on the back of your neck frizzed. But hang with me.

As I pointed out in my Sunday radio broadcast, the President used a term I’ve never heard of another President use when referring to God, The Creator, The Great Spirit… he used an affectionate, personal, New Testament, Jesus-like term to invoke the reason for all seasons… Father. He said father. Jesus said “Abba” or daddy. That’s pretty ‘familiar’.

Why is that so important? Because Father denotes someone who intimately knows you and longs to be intimately known. Someone who desires to see his glory, traditions, attitudes and hopes manifest in his offspring. Someone who corrects, instructs, protects, provides, blesses and loves.

I realize there are many who believe that making God ‘familiar’ is sacrilege. It somehow brings God down to our level.

But have you forgotten, God brought himself down to us? In the earth?

Have you rejected the truth that every other religion in the earth since the beginning, requires YOU to look and reach up? To somehow ascend to the throne of nirvana or utopia through works, practices, routines, mantras etc…?

When God the Father sent His only begotten Son, the first of many brethren born of the Spirit, to this earth to redeem His seed in the way of every living breathing human, did you think that made Him a distant God who doesn’t know you? An angry, fire breathing God who lives to count your sins of which He knew, as your Father, you could never atone? Well, did you?

If we’re going to celebrate love day in remembrance of a human who inspired us to love, shouldn’t we first celebrate the Author of that love? Shouldn’t we thank him for His Spirit of Truth who came to earth in the flesh to show us what unadulterated love is? Shouldn’t we accept that while Donald Trump is going from glory to glory in his own day to day salvation walk, that God could use the fallible to beseech us to search the infallible?

See, my repentance comes from being angry with God. Yes, I took a chance on love and it bit me. Twenty years as a widow and unanswered prayers for a life partner and love left me with a constant hoop jumping exercise of what do I need to do to get God’s attention? What am I doing wrong? Why is this so elusive? The heartache of feeling abandoned by my heavenly father left me in the arms of the angry, demanding and distant God who simply didn’t care and was never pleased. (more on the root of this in my book)

It wasn’t until I heard my Father asserted as Father, by the President, that I realized how far my heart had drifted from the parental relationship my Creator longs to have with me.

Disappointment, heartache, rejection and abandonment all have the same affect on the human psyche on some level. It separates us from ourselves, others and at times, God- our Father.

I needed the reminder that while my Father does in fact hold the keys to death and hell and He is a righteous God who doesn’t wink at sin, as my FATHER, he sent his mercy here to redeem from me from all this life would throw my way to separate us here and eternally.

The President’s humility, as the leader of the free world, when referring to God as Father, was the whisper I needed.

The world could use more fathers. Fathers who submit to the ultimate Father. That’s a love day worth celebrating.

Be careful about judging and hating your perceived enemies. Even in politics. God can and routinely does, use anyone to sound the trumpet for his call to seek Him and run to the only true place of acceptance, mercy, love and rest.



  • GOD never gives you more then you can handle we have to be patient he already has our life planned we must give each day our full attention we don’t know what Tomorrow will bring tell people every day you love them

    • Michael Costigan says:

      Keep doing what You do. God needs You as well. Find peace of mind in Yourself. Leads to what you really need on Your journey in life. Not just what you think You want.

  • Nya Major says:

    I absolutely love your writings. I agree, only when you accept God as your Father, do you truly experience the love of God. From my personal studies, I’ve found that our Feminist culture purposely degrades men, to make us degrade fathers; and all of this is designed to separate you from God the Father.

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