Why National ANGER Is Better Than Apathy, POTUS Tax Returns- Low Info/Covetous Voters, Cream Of Wheat- Latest In Black Erasure Campaign, Something My Political Enemies Taught Me

My late colleague, Herman Cain used to refer to some Americans beguiled by the left as low information voters. I’m taking it one step further- covetous, low info voters. I predict they will be the only Americans fundamentally disturbed & beguiled by POTUS’ exercising legal tax return practice. In the left’s continued attempts to erase blacks from products we love, Cream Of Wheat is the latest to ensure blacks no longer have a place in culinary history. In a moment of transparency, I’m going to share what I realized about what my political enemies have bestowed upon me that you too can tap into today. Anger & Apathy.. how to use one to subvert the other.

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