Virginians Leading The Way In Kingdom & Nation Building- Congressional Candidate Bishop Leon Benjamin Gives An Intimate Account Of Continuing POTUS Legacy

Every now and then you walk into a room and realize your soul was knit at the same time as the person you are there to meet. That was my experience with Bishop Leon Benjamin. A recent Congressional Candidate in the VA4 race, he sits down to share an intimate view into how he is bringing the Kingdom of God back onto the field of politics. An advisor to President Trump, he shares the real deal of where we are as a nation, where God is in relation to us and where we go from here! Game on for you religious types… God just put the smack down on the sanctimony.. it’s time for jurisdictional occupation. We are HIS light. Time to shine it. We are HIS hands, feet and voice, time to use them . We are HIS nation, time to act like it.

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