“These Are NOT Vaccines” – Dr. Jane Ruby Discusses Intricacies Of The Cellular Alterations & Permanence w/ LIVE Callers

Dr. Jane Ruby, a respected medical professional and health economist, takes a deep dive with LIVE callers to answer questions I have personally not heard addressed on air. Listen and make your own decision. I always say, don’t make a permanent decision in a temporary situation. As most people poled suggest they are taking a shot because of the desire to travel, this show may change your plans.

I wanted to cut through the hyperbole and politics and get to the truth of what you are being offered by the government. There is an entire generation who believes these are no big deal, something like every other shot, but the truth is astounding and what I believe will ultimately prove to be gross negligence and malpractice. Sadly, vaccine companies have indemnified themselves through 2024.


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