The Immorality Of A FREE Lunch? – Life, with Monica Matthews – Podcast

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I should know. I’m Southern, Greek and German. Food is literally the language of not only my people, but all people.

What is it about the word FREE that makes our heart’s flutter? I mean, after all these years, are we still incapable of realizing and believing that FREE, whether in the public sector, academia, a grocery special, shipping or a used car lot, is about as trustworthy as a hormonal teenaged boy in the backseat of a car who promises he will ‘exit’ in time?  I mean, COME. ON.

Just think about it from a purely business perspective, if we all operated within the ideology of FREE how would we keep our doors open?

The government is no different. Except the government, which is made up of humans, is wrought with agendas based on ideologies rooted in either oppression or freedom. Simple. It’s not partisan. It’s always about liberty.

I want to ask you a very serious question today. Are FREE lunches and breakfast for all really FREE when it comes to our kids in the public school industry? Is it MORAL?

I share my assertions that are NOT politically based, rather ideologically sound, rooted in liberty and respect for the human spirit.

Drop me a line and tell me your thoughts on this! Don’t be shy!

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  • Tom Abbott says:

    Monica, I really like your point of view. I was going to use the word ‘spin’ but my impression is you are sincere, not putting out a spin just to support your ideas. Yes, I too find myself thinking like Ms. Perez. But to go one sp further, you give a really positive-good perspective. Something I can take home and apply.

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