The Human Right To A Legal Election, TN State Gangster Tactics Against – Voters, Why Your Election Grid Should NEVER Be Digital

Would you consider your access to a fair and safe election, a matter of human rights? What if I told you your freedom hinged on your vote? I bet you may change your mind. One woman changed mine. TN state leadership is lying to voters about the integrity of the election grid while strong arming county election administrators, this is a national crisis. When one state suffers, we all suffer.


  • Cyril Ostiguy says:

    ES&S voting machines just might one

  • Deborah Schmidt says:

    Greetings, Ms. Matthews and God bless. Are you in TN and running for office or GA? I just came across your tweets and say congratulations on your endeavors. If, you are in TN how can I help you get elected? I’m a feisty KY hill raised Christian woman and fired up. Our election was stolen from us and I can only imagine what God thinks of America since we’ve turned our backs on Him starting decades ago. I look forward to hearing from you personally. God bless.

  • Harold Robinette says:

    Yes, we need it to be a Human Rights issue to stop the thieves and those Elected to stand up against them should do so and VOTE accordingly.

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