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  • Deb says:

    Thanks Monica. You are able to hear me even though we’ve never met. And I hear you and your life trials as I’ve also been down that road. I have a husband in late stage PSP.
    I’m really happy to hear you encourage people to get into the Word again. I know I had several versions on my shelf for years.
    What got me into the scriptures again was reading the Left Behind books again. Not just the movies. The whole series. 13 books. It brought the story I could understand as a baby Christian to life for me. Now I’m a grandmom of 7, so I’ve been a baby far too long.
    Now I’m in the word and happy to study because I understand the difference between this life on earth and eternity with Jesus.
    You clarified what I’ve been feeling. That we all needed to go through these times. It will prepare some souls to understand what is coming. God Bless you and Lin. So happy to have you both in my life. I’ll pray for you both. Stay strong !

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