Senator Loeffler Calls For Federal Gang Statute Incl National Database- Why the left hates it.The ONE Thing The Left Wants To Steal From Every Patriot, Black Special Ed Teacher Calls For Death Of White Toddler, The Latest Health Emergency

Over 1 million gang affiliates in US and barely a way to track them. Why? Obama. US Sen Kelly Loeffler steps up her game drawing the line in the sand with new Fed Gang Statute Including Database- Who hates the idea? The left. Black Special Ed teacher publicly calls for death of toddler on social media. Over/under he still has a job? The latest public threat facing us may surprise you. What one county believes is your number one threat. The one thing the left wants to steal from every patriot.


Gangs rule the US- Hence Portland and other burning cities. Teachers calling for death of kids who look differently than they do? New public health ER only affects black people. The world is still nuts.

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