SCOTUS Gives America The Final Traffic Finger- Defies National Security, 400K GA Ballots Vaporized- Trending In The Don’t See Don’t Tell Election

Final day of SCOTUS showing their abject hatred of America and our national security. They mock us, but the good news? God gets the last laugh, through YOU. A matter of national security, we now know who will need to defend the Republic, YOU. 400K ballots and no chain of custody. How? Brian Kemp. Why? Brad Raffensburger. WHO, The Chinese Communist Party.

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  • Mark says:

    Spot on today. The old testament gives us the direction Messiah gave during his ministry. Paul said the same thing. Torah not for salvation but for directions on how to love and live. Yes, be perfect is spot on. Monica a truth teller, not religious zealot.

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