POTUS Legal Team Releases Kraken- Venezuelan Born Debbie D’Souza Shares Shocking Parallels Of 2020 US Election Fraud

The President’s legal team took the stage today. The Kraken finally unleashed. They were mocked, scoffed at and all but sentenced by the jury of bloodthirsty media hounds who have lied to you for four years. All part of the structure of a national takeover on the road to socialism. Venezuelan born filmmaker Debbie D’Souza shares insightful parallels between voting machines used to fix elections of Hugo Chavez to more recent Maduro and our 2020 Presidential election. Dinesh and Debbie’s recent release, Trump Card is a timely reminder of who, what, why and HOW America will be altered on the road to socialism.


  • Steve Bray says:

    “The price of LIBERTY is ETERNAL VIGILANCE!”

  • DeNean Breed says:

    This should win a journalistic award. Normally, I receive interviews on podcasts as talking at me. This is a podcast which sounds like two liberty-loving women having a frank, heartfelt talk about the implications of what is currently happening with the 2020 election, the importance of it and how our liberties are going the way of Venezuela’s. It is a must-listen.

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