Parental Guidance Advised- Moni & Ali- The Wheel Of Life- Recalibrating- PODCAST

Round 2! Mother and daughter duo of podcasting. 23 years old and wise beyond her years, Ali shares some great insights to calibrating her own wheel of life.

It’s not often most people take time to scrutinize their life with personal inventory, but it’s a necessary and liberating exercise! The younger you start, the easier it is to make it a practice in life.

Ali and I have always been accused of over thinking and guess what? We’ve finally figured out that what some perceive as a curse, is actually meant to bless YOU!

Sure, we swim in our proverbial soup bowls and our house is NEVER short on laughter, but generally speaking, we both observe and communicate on a level most do not, as it relates to parent/’child‘ dynamic.

Thank you for joining us! We hope you will SHARE our work with others! Relating, Restoring & Wrecking traditional beliefs about this blessing called life.

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