OFFICIAL RECALL OF GA GOVERNOR BRIAN KEMP UNDER WAY- Organizers Share Details & How YOU Can Help On The Front Lines

Patriot and RECALL KEMP Organizer Eric Warren joins me along with Amanda McGee of Blexit & Black Voices For Trump, to outline the ground swell of support to recall Governor Brian Kemp along with SOS Brad Raffensburger. We go deep on this one, evidence, lies, shadows, false hopes, cowardice of the local GOP support and WHY this official recall matters to all of America. This is NOT an online petition. This involves ground work and the need for YOU to engage. Please feel free to share this podcast! Moving on is not an option. We serve the GOD of justice, truth and light. Let it shine!


  • Francisco A. Castellanos says:

    I am seeing light at the end of this dark fraudulent tunnel we have been living in since November, I hope this is the beginning of what God has determined to do with the evil that has been going on in this country and the world. Payment is coming, either for the good or the bad that people have been sown. Thanks for your efforts Monica.

    • Eric Warren says:

      My thoughts exactly Francisco! We only meet a handful of believers who shine like lights in a darkened world and they help us see light at the end of the tunnel! We live by hope and not by sight. Your prayers and kindness won’t go unanswered by God. I’m happy to find so many who feel the same as I do. I won’t compromise with tyranny because I am not a slave.

      • Peggy Saemisch says:

        Thank you all for being a true Patriot. I would like to volunteer to collect signatures for people who are unable to attend a large gatherings. I live in the 25th district of Forsyth county, please give me a call and/or send me form to begin.
        Peggy Saemisch

    • Rosalinda Guerrero says:

      I have been feeling better since the election which was
      so unfair. What makes me angry at the democrats that 24-7
      365 days for four years they never stopped calling President Trump puttins puppet, Russian collision a racist a narcissist, my goodness . President Trump was trying so hard, and he didn’t let that stop him from doing everything possible to rebuild the Country to make Americans feel proud of being American People.
      I will always defend President Trump, he is The Hardest Working President we’ve ever had .
      Watching him on stage again at CPAC , l can say he looked great and better.

    • Spencer Banks says:

      Recall definitely in order


    Please ask them What time and place in Alpharetta, Ga. rally

    • Eric Warren says:

      Join us at for regular email blasts. We had to postpone rallies due to issues with Fulton County ballots. Email me on the website if we want to hear more.

  • Karl Gessler says:

    I am sharing this with friends who live in Georgia. Thank you Monica!

  • LeAnn Wallace says:

    When are the rallies?>

  • Kemp has done everything in his power, since he was S.O.S., to ensure that GA elections are FRAUDULENT, UNAUDITABLE & UNACCOUNTABLE.

  • L Davidson says:

    I’m spearheading signature collection in senate district 14 (most of Bartow & Cherokee plus a sliver of Cobb) That means I’ll manage collecting 60,000 signatures… HELP? anyone who will pledge 1300 D-14 sigs collected in 90 days? I have a TRICORNER HAT for you!! It’s a conversation-starter.
    Election Integrity is our American foundation and should be a non partisan concern. 750,000 GA sigs are required from time petition is filed. WE NEED 2022 TO BE A FAIR ELECTION with a trusted Secretary of State overseeing.

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