National Naivety Is Separating Wheat From Chaff, Leviathan Hunter-Sidney Powell /Kraken/DOD/Deep State, Should GA Use Compromised System For Runoff?

It’s not a popular question, but I’ve never won a popularity contest asking the obvious. Ever. The nation is writhing, GA is ground zero for absentee ballot fraud, ‘glitches’ and systemic alleged corruption, should we host a runoff? America suffers from what one gastroenterologist described as ‘naivety’. I’ve got a good story. What’s the one thing keeping us divided right now? Half the country can’t fathom the vulnerability of our elections and the rest of us acknowledge 2+2=4.

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  • DeNean Breed says:

    Another outstanding show! I support Sidney Powell wholeheartedly. She’s not crazy, I am sure she’s found damning evidence that will take down even the Deep State and members of the US DOD. She’s as courageous as courageous can be.

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