Living At A Distance- Homegoing Black Church Style, App Mania- The Making Of Unknown Pedos- Parental Guidance Advised with Moni & Ali- Podcast

Mother and daughter. Two peas in a pod. Experts of NOTHING but our own lives. LOL.

We buried grandpa yesterday. Some hard won revelations occurred for Ali that will blow some of your relationships wide open. Living with one hand outstretched and one hand keeping folks at bay is a sure way to rob you of the closeness will all crave. We’ve got some answers.

If you’ve never experienced a good ol’ fashioned black church gathering, you are totally missing out. No, really. We had a complete throw down homegoing for grandpa.. it’s all in the food.

We’re not sure what’s in the drinking water of most teens today, but uh.. this is a very real PSA for you folks who think you can just click on anyone who ‘looks’ of age, without consequence. Ali shares some wisdom nuggets on this one!

Drop us a line and tell us your take aways! Don’t be shy!

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