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Rummaging through my late father-in-law’s vital docs, I stumbled upon a little piece of paper that dredged up a sea of old wounds. Two days away from the funeral and I wanted to drop him in a shallow grave and walk away. Yep, it was that bad.

It took me two days of reeling and writhing with myself to finally take my power back.

Was I going to stay super glued to the hell of a past neither of us could change? OR was I going to gently let him and all the yuck between us sink into the sea of forgetfulness and think of him fondly, faults and all? The choice was mine.

And the choice is YOURS.

Forgiveness is always a choice and many of us are stuck with unforgiveness of past employers, associates, friends, spouses, relatives and our own choices.

How many times have you heard that? Sigh. But I want to outline three basic steps to getting there. Your freedom is at stake. Your health is at stake. Choose life.


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  • Dave Orange says:

    First sorry for your loss in-laws can be out-laws I had in-laws in my first marriage I couldn’t get along with they didn’t like me and I didn’t like them we were young when me and my first wife got married so it didn’t last long I got a beautiful daughter and granddaughter out of it so I’m so grateful for them but when I married my second wife it was totally different I got along great with all my in-laws so I don’t really know what the difference was but I guess it wasn’t meant to be

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