Justice- Not Race Specific. BREAKING NEWS Arbery case- What will the race baiters use now?

Monica connects the dots in the latest developments in the Ahmaud Arbery case in Brunswick, Georgia. What led to the more-than-two-month delay in arresting suspects and why she thinks this isn’t strictly a racial issue; it’s as much of a systemic issue in the nation as well as with Glynn County authorities. And revelations from the coronavirus lockdown and the importance of caring for your mental health with facts and reason!


The black, female, Republican D-A appointed to prosecute the Ahmaud Abery murder case; if justice is thwarted, it won’t be because of the color of the victim’s skin.

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  • fred w Mason says:

    Monica, I agree with you a LOT but to say this man was trying to get AWAY?? is just not what you see on the video, he darted around the truck and attacked the younger man trying to wrestle the gun from his hands, That is NOT trying to get away, No the McMilan’s should not have tried to apprehend him BUT If someone attacks YOU as he DID to get the gun away,, IF they get it GUESS WHO gets shot!!!

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