It’s OK To Celebrate Today -Giving Thanks With Freedom

As a pilot in training, I see many parallels between what occurred in PA and GA yesterday and the ‘run up’ we’ve been living since Nov 3. Promises of released Krakens and irrefutable evidence of fraud had many of you lurching to fly as others left the tarmac altogether. Many of you are timid about celebrating just yet. The abuse of 8 years of Obama along with the past 4 years of constant false accusations from the left, adds to the current assault on your psyche with every malignant report of ‘president elect, transition or concession’. This leaves some of you wanting a 2020 do-over. You’re afraid to give thanks for our pending victory. I have a few words about that.


  • Linda Zvonar says:

    Wonderful podcast. Made me feel much better about what is going on and very thankful for you and your always uplifting messages

  • DeNean Breed says:

    I changed the trajectory of one of my alienated teen son’s life today; but more so, he changed mine. Where for years, all of my four kids have been against me because they were convinced by their dad that I was(and am) a monster; today, my son chose to have Thanksgiving dinner with me (the promise of apple/blueberry pie helped convince him). I didn’t have to beg or cow-tow. He chose to come with me and afterward, we went for his first (double-seater) kayak adventure at a local county park. He volunteered that he chose to be with me this year because he decided that he loves me and he spends most of his time with his dad. We had amazing conversations about his chemistry class–how he was reading, “The Disappearing Spoon”, about politics–he’s conservative (he must have gotten that from me), and he quoted his Sociology teacher, “Always think about what’s best for the Country when it comes to politics”. He asked to come back this Saturday and I told him absolutely and there would be a home made turkey pot pie in it for him! Monica, YOU had much to do with this–it’s been my plan to hang in there and give my kids the best of me even though they have thought of me as a lesser person. YOU gave me and my four kids tickets five years ago to go to The Atlanta Botanical Gardens at Christmas time, and it was that outing that planted the seeds of loving memories. I love you.

    • Monica Matthews says:

      Ahh!! DeNean! You just made my month! Thank you for sharing this.. what a blessing.. I love you too and am so glad I could be a blessing to you and your family.. Thank you so much. Your love is important to me. xo

  • RC Kim says:

    The white Christian male – and by large extension Western Civilization – has been the target of a relentless ‘drip-drip-drip’ rhetorical assault, which filthy rich white guilt dupes are at the forefront of. Yet if there was no Christianity, there would be no movable type printing press, steam engine, the general harnessing of electricity and all the other things that followed. If the whole world were just Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and tribal animist and spirit worshipping, history would just be circular instead of linear, i.e., one decade, century and millennium would just look like the next and next

  • RC Kim says:

    As rank and corrupt as the election process may be, what could be the real underlying problem is that ‘ejumuhkayshun’ is steadily degrading into rot-gut indoctrination which flows into pop culture that holds sway over way too much of our population.
    The Professorate Mafia – most notably Noam Chomsky and the late Howard Zinn of MIT – may be at the forefront of the white guilt/Western Civilization sucks movement and, hand in hand with TV/pop culture, have gulled at least 3-4 generations of young skulls full of mush to vote Dumfqrat and the retarded policy concepts they stand for, buy the whole BLM movement and swallow the notion that the music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and company is not superior to African and American Indian ‘ooga booga’/’oba-yeh-oba’ chants and dances and music played on Indonesian gamelans and Australian dijiridoos

  • RC Kim says:

    The whole unholy alliance of ‘ejumuhkayshun’ and pop culture/TV enabled the recent 8-year Obama coup d’etat of America and continuously enables the ACCEPTANCE – beyond the tolerance – of the whole LGBTQ-XYZPDQ agenda and race hustlers like Al not at all Sharpton, Jesse HIJACKson, Screwy Calypso Louie FarraCONMAN, Jeremiah WRONG, and Warnock The Warlock who sell so many black folks the notion that Da (white) Man tryin’ to keep y’all down as these race pimps are themselves filthy rich, when the real underlier of dysfunction in the black community is lack of fathers in the home

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