Is The US Military Running The Show? Lin Wood Has Some Opinions – What YOU Can DO During This Season Of Waiting

Lin Wood- American Firebrand, highly respected defamation attorney, tells Stew Peters what he believes could be going on in the nation at the moment. Opinions are on the chopping block, but for now. we will keep sharing thoughtful, peace filled dialogue here. I also have a few tips for those of you tired of feeling so helpless


  • Maryann Testa says:

    Thank you for speaking truth! I was thrown off Twitter because I believe the election was fraudulent and believe wWe The People should do the vote over! And President Trump should get a DO OVER because of the witch hunt for four years of his administration! God Bless you and all your guests may The Lord keep them secure and in his loving peace! ❤️

  • Francisco A. Castellanos says:

    Hello Monica,
    The stolen election is just a tip of the iceberg. Evil entities have an agenda and I do believe strongly that God will bring justice to this country and give us back the government. I have two daughters who do not think the election was stolen. It is sad to realize how people make decisions. How can some do not see or simply live knowing that there were so many people who protested about this election and nothing was done to further investigate this. About the military, I have seen a video clip from this retired general who says there was fraud and the military knows it. General Thomas G Mcinerney and I believe many others knows about this.

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