Independence Lost? The Author Of Liberty Is Calling Us Back To 1776, Human Terrain Exploits-How To Avoid Being Exploited

The 5 men tasked with crafting our Declaration Of Independence knew they were agreeing with liberty. They also knew from whom their liberty came. They knew oppression was no longer an option. It was ungodly. The times are now darker than ever on our soil and many of you feel helpless-but the truth is, it’s only through our agreement with oppression that we become subjects of the oppressors.

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  • Linda Moser says:

    Monica, thank you for the truths you have shared with this podcast. It hits home in so many areas. One day at a time, one step at a time with our heart, soul and mind focused on asking, “what next Lord?” Where do you want me today? What do you have for me to do today? If we can but live in this reality of readiness, we can become a worrier for the kingdom.

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