GOP Establishment Aligns With Democrats, Fulton County GA GOP Keeping Fulton Blue

This show is dedicated to EVERY county GOP committed to overhauling the establishment that ensured Biden’s heist. Fulton County, GA is ground zero for voter fraud. Has been for years.

It is also home to convention shenanigans MANY of you are contending with. Uncovering a few ways they have done this in GA and what you MUST do to take your nation back from communist Republicans.

Susan Paine Opraseuth is running for Fulton County GOP Chair and by all accounts, should win.

40% of delegates are NEW and want their country back. They fought for President Trump and are fighting now.

Susan, like many others who stood to take the call of leadership, has suffered what anyone does when up against a machine.

But like Forsyth County and MANY counties across the nation have proven, if you show up ready to beat them WITH their own rules, with unabashed commitment to owning victory, YOU CAN WIN.

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