• Jeremy Spencer says:

    Good show.

    I reflected a lot about who will be the new cultivator of conservative thought as well as the person who will be the voice of conservative wisdom.

    We the conservative nation must come together and rally during this void to help each other through these Marxist times. Rush was the gatekeeper. He was the arbiter of truth and defense against the dark arts of the left.

    Monica, you have that gift. We need more Rush and you are in that vain.

  • Brian Pelletier says:

    Monica, I want you to know…your perspective and view of life in today’s fucked up world resonates with me.
    Thanks for being brave Monica…
    You’re special and are one of the REAL good souls out there.
    I admire you very much…


  • Shari Kern says:

    Continue the Liberty/Freedom education!! . Keep educating all people of our history, and prevent the media and the progressives from erasing it. Erasing history gives them control of the future. Thank you for always standing for Christ and our great country.

  • Janis Howard says:

    Monica, your “take on Rush” mirrors mine. Can’t even think of ANY ONE PERSON THAT CAN REPLACE HIM, but, it will be wonderful to hear his”beloved Kathryn host the show on Monday. With the fabulous, faithful crew they gave, I’m praying that Rush’s message will continue on…..some way…God will. Ake a way…Oh Lord, please give Kathryn YOUR WISDOM.

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