• Robert Way says:

    Thank you for your work and offering yourself unto God as a servant for his work. I foolow you on telegraph. God bless!

  • Dennis moens says:

    Flat Earth, David Weis, DITRH!!

    god is so close, check it please, you have the voice for truth.
    God bless you

  • George Corrier says:

    FYI, pigs as a rule are very intelligent and one of the cleanest farm animals around. They dedicate and urinate as far from where they sleep as possible. They will roll in mud as a cooling agent and as a sun screen. The do not perspire and have very sensitive skin.
    The passage you refer to comes from the old testament, where any cloven hoof animals were considered unclean and pigs were kept in cramped quarters. Thus they had nasty pens and the pearl casting phrase being brought about.
    My experience is being a current owner of 3 little piggys currently and observing how they behave and how easily they can be trained. They are really quite intelligent and emotional creatures.

  • Stefanie Gonzalez says:

    I stand proud and tall in my faith. President Trump is the chosen one, IMO. I am a truth seeker and a truth speaker. I do not apologize for my truths, nor will I repent for my truths. Monica you have given me the inspiration to continue on my path!! Love you and your message. A beautiful child of God

  • Regina says:

    I love your STAND!!! Not stepping down in this battle!!!

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