GA Leadership Falling Apart Amid Allegations Of Extensive Fraud- Sidney Powell/LIn Wood Host GA Presser TOMORROW – Martial Law In The Convo, Project Veritas Busts CNN Wide Open- Tapes Released Tonight

A sniffling, whining SOS Voting System Implementation/ Alleged soon to be felon Gabe Sterling, stood in front of cameras today shaking his sanctimonious fingers at Donald Trump for stirring the pot he and his office, along with what’s ALLEGEDLY the entire Executive Suite of our Capital have brought about themselves. I for one, have zero sympathy. I’ve lived the death threats. So what? People are nuts or demonically possessed. So what are we supposed to do? Sit home, afraid, or just go along to get along or in this case, pretend there’s not a TSUNAMI of evidence of election fraud directly linked to his office? PUHlease.

Kraken is coming to town. Sidney Powell will join Lin Wood tomorrow 3:30PM Avalon Hotel Alpharetta, GA for presser. All this amid the leadership of GA scurrying for cover as the hammer seems ever closer to everyone from the Governor, Lt. Governor, SOS and even whispers of AG’s office. What a mess.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas busted CNN wide open today after months of screening the media leviathan’s news strategy calls. He begins releasing the recordings tonight 7pm

There’s talk of martial law implementation. Yes, you read that right. In order to host a valid election, We The People Convention has asked the President to consider invoking martial law in the event state legislators, courts and Congress fail to secure a valid 2020 electoral outcome.

Perilous and exciting times indeed,

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