GA Governor & SOS Abandon Justice, Integrity, Georgia Voters & POTUS, Sen Kelly Loeffler Endures Race, Sex, Wealth Shaming In Lieu Of Debate

To conspire is a willful act that involves a harmful purpose. Hiding behind legal semantics, the Gov of GA along with the dark money purveyor Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan, attempted to explain away why it’s not within their authority to call a special session. Foregoing the obvious- a mountain of evidence outlining election fraud, as a matter of state security, it is absolutely within their purview to call a special session. The GA SOS office has flagrantly aided and abetted Democrats in the heist of the GA election. Again, evidence. I’ll explain the evidence brought to them as recent as last evening, the eve of their departure from integrity, justice and your liberty.

As debates go, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so mortified for a candidate and because of the filthy biased nature of moderators. I’ll explain.


  • RC Kim says:

    On the Senatorial so-called debate, Warnock the Warlock completely dodged a direct question about court packing and went off on a major tangent talking about something totally unrelated. However somewhere along the way he said something to the effect that the ‘American people’ don’t care about that kind of stuff and dismissed court packing as a mere parlor game only politicians care about. Well, the TV and pop-culture-addled Low Information Nationers who don’t grasp the concept that taxes like $#!+ roll down hill and more domestic drilling means less reliance on raghead terrorist financiers may not care about court packing, but ignoranuses are the political lifeblood of the Dumfqrats, for whom an INFORMED populace is kryptonite

  • RC Kim says:

    Just like Warnock the Warlock, COMMIEla CONJOBala Harris, during the VEEP debate, talked about something ABE LINCOLN did when asked about court packing, and she gave another impertinent non-answer about President Trump not having any blacks as cabinet members and/or circuit judges

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