Female Christian Pharisee (Beth Moore) Causes Church Schism Over POTUS, The Church, Late To The Political Party, Now Wants A Voice

Leave it to a woman. The Bible says a wise woman builds her house while the foolish one tears hers down. How many wars have been fought over a woman? How many women have led men and nations into utter destruction? I’m in love with being a woman. I’m also in love with the GOD who created me to speak truth to lies. And I’ve done so, faithfully for 6 years on the air and 12 in ministry. Not as a teacher, but a healer. When I see God’s creation molested by a spirit of religion and false doctrine, in a spirit of sanctimonious vanity, it bothers me.

Beth reminds of those who undoubtedly followed Paul around to remind him of the days he was Saul.

If you are a fan of Beth Moore, you may want to sit this one out. This will be the last time I address her in this fashion. Dusting my feet. We’ve got work to do America. We have authority, dominion and God -given jurisdiction to live freely. When Jesus returns He’s going to look for one thing: FAITH and faith without works is dead. And we ain’t dead yet.

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