FAIR- An ACTUAL four letter word, Redskins Surrender Identity- Will You? Schools Set To Indoctrinate, Compromised Judiciary- Is Due Process Dead (If you’re white)? National Politzie?

The assault on Americans who are Caucasians is no longer overt, it’s blatant and due process will not be spared. From sports teams to individuals BLM is demanding you pay homage to the offense brigade. National Police sound far fetched? Think Again. Schools preparing for indoctrination of your kids- what will you decide?


The land of the free is now only for a few. The minority has taken the majority hostage. This goes past Trump.


  • RC Kim says:

    Even though I haven’t lived in Texas for too much of my life, I’ve been a junkie for college football, especially for Lone Star State college football, and that caused me to have a spillover interest in Texas HIGH SCHOOL. Anyway I I was dismayed (though maybe I shouldn’t have been too surprised) that 10 or so years ago Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar HS in Houston bowed down to the PC woke folks – a little redundancy, has haw! – gave up its Redskins nickname after 50+ years

  • RC Kim says:

    I was listening to Sebastian Gorka yesterday afternoon and I heard him say that the St Louis area DA who confiscated 1 of the McCloskeys’ weapons is awash in campaign contributions by George God blankety-blank him Soros

  • RC Kim says:

    You mentioned Detroit(istan), which could arguably be an even bigger hell hole than the Neeyawwwwk of Bill De Boobyio. I heard 10-11 years on Bill Bennett a caller from DetroitISTAN or thereabouts say that the city has a 60+ % ADULT illiteracy rate, which probably has been a big reason for the age old DetroitISTAN DumFQrat mayoral monopoly

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