Days Of Reckoning – This Is Meant To Kill You- I Have Intel But I’m Sharing Answers

When I say you won’t survive this in your own strength, I mean it. 12 years of ministry has taught me a thing or 2 about war and freedom. This is a war for your freedom. And it’s going to get worse before HE prevails. I was in DC, I saw over 2 million patriots willing to stand for freedom, but they aren’t ready for what’s coming. Are you? #ProvidenceProcessProcedure

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  • DeNean Breed says:

    Monica, this was perfect timing. You saved me from much despair. I had finished listening to my pastor this morning say to forget about the elections because our only home is in Heaven. Earlier in the week at a Bible study, I was told not to talk anything about the elections or the upheaval going on in our Country when I told the leaders that I was spiritually affected by it and was not my usual happy self. After today’s service, I went back to bed because, frankly, I was demotivated and depressed about what’s happening at my church and the lack of support for parishioners like me.

    Then, I heard you in your podcast today. Thank you, thank you! You said what my soul needed to hear. My soul is now replenished and my spirit is renewed to fight more days for our amazing Country!

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