Craig “Sawman” Sawyer On Child Brutality & Trafficking At Border & Beyond- The Church-Negligent- How You Could Be Aiding A $50B Industrial Complex

Ready for a real conversation about what’s happening to the bodies and souls of our children? Yes, migrating children are still God’s babies- and ours. I’m not agreeing with illegal migration- it’s an abomination to order and contributes to a $38-$50B industry. Craig ‘Sawman’ Saywer, Former Seal Team 6, bada** extraordinaire launched his new documentary Contraland- showcasing the very real urban, border and suburb industrial complex of trafficking our kids. What is YOUR role in this? Well, that’s where it gets REAL interesting. Some of you may unfollow me and that’s ok, but you know I’m right.

You can watch Contraland and support Craig’s efforts HERE.

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  • John Boutwell says:

    It is absolutely insane how people can simply get away with trafficing people like that. Its like in my email that I sent you today, criminals need to fear the law again. This administration will not help that in any way. So many children go missing on a daily basis, its sad that we don’t do more than we already do to stop it. Look at Epstein for example, he was caught, arrested and while in holding, he “committed suicide”. How many elites could he have brought down? How many government officials would have fallen with him? How many of Hollywood’s peoples would be behind bars right now if what happened to him did not happen at all? It is time to say enough is enough and start utilizing EVERY tool at our disposal to bring these children and adults home.

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