COVID19 Vaccine- Blacks First, Sports- The New Propaganda Arm- How YOU Can Save The Next Generation, Rep John Lewis- One Stop Closer To Canonization- Netflix Ad Disavows Science

Bill and Melinda Gates announce a COVID19 vaccine that will be available to blacks first. Sounds good, but ask India how that worked out. Margaret Sanger served blacks first too. Are you a parent feeling like major league sports is robbing your kids of the benefits of sports? I have a suggestion. Rep John Lewis isn’t buried yet. On a world tour, his body is now at the US Capitol and will finally return to dust on Thursday. How you finish matters.


Eugenics by any other name is still eugenics, Turn off major league sports and watch the tide turn. Our ability to make up our own reality about someone’s ‘service’ is astounding, but totally biblical.

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