Congressional & Judicial Run Off Upsets- Someone’s Playing Offense And It’s NOT The Right, Evictions Resume In GA- Are You Next?, When Do We Downgrade From PANDEMIC?

Big upsets across the US. Runoffs tell the story most of us don’t want to face. Primary run offs tell us how far the Titanic’s gash went into the bow of our nation. Evictions in one GA county are alarming, should we prepare for bridges? When does someone in the White House downgrade COVID from pandemic status- the fallout is killing us.


Another day in the greatest nation on earth, for now.


  • RC Kim says:

    If just K-12 ‘ejumuhkayshin’ were worth a damn, 1) more people, and preferably every freakin’ body would know in no uncertain terms that countless Union soldiers gave up limb or life in the Civil War to render The Ultimate Reparation for slavery. THAT should have ended the reparations discussion

  • RC Kim says:

    If history was taught properly, it would be a measuring stick for improvement on past forebears. As things stand, there has been a systematic and deliberate attempt to OBLITERATE and rewrite history. As the writer George Santayana famously said, he who doesn’t know history is condemned to repeat it

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