BREAKING: Special Message For Christian Patriots Losing Hope- Is Conceding To A Biden ‘Administration’ A Godly Choice? John Natale Ministries Joins Me

The saying goes, as the Church goes, goes a nation. If that’s true, we’re in trouble. Thankfully, GOD is more faithful to the cause of truth, liberty and justice than His church. John Natale of John Natale Ministries joins us today.

A leading voice in the prophetic office of God, he will share what’s really going on in the spirit realm and earthly. Words of prophecy were given over the Presidency of Donald Trump as early as 2000.

The current battle we are in was prophesied 3 years ago by prominent voices in the Protestant body. Yet, because 97% of the body does not read the prescribed text of the Word of God to discern truth from witchcraft, we become tossed about in the winds of our current war like orphaned children of an angry and silent God. We concede our patriotic birthright through spiritual ignorance and apathy.

Today’s show is informative, sobering and meant to inspire you to hold on to my 3 P’s: Providence, Process & Procedure. Please SHARE

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