BREAKING: GA Investigations Shows Absentee Votes From Across Nation, A Compromised Voting System – Should You Vote Senate Run Off?

Independent investigation uncovers 58K GA change of addresses in SOS office. Of those, we now know many voted- from out of state. How much fraud does it take to become worthy of action? Many in GA are vowing to stay home from US Senate run off because they’ve lost faith in our system. Others are shouting show up no matter what! I submit a third solution…

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  • Collier Layne says:

    Retired Cinematogopher, Voulenteer Repub.campaign Committeeman , God Fearing Christian , Retired CEO 3 corporations , USAF VETERAN , FREE BORN BLUE LODGE MASON , PATROTIC , Supporter American Minute-Men Society . Direct Lawenforcement Supporter . Active Nat’l Rifleman Association , Co-Owner & Member of The MAGIC CITY GUN CLUB !
    JUST WANTED TO INTRODUCE myself to reassure that I’m not a NUT CASE !
    Researched You & You provide a great service to America. Please keep up the great work , GO COWBOYS

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