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  • RC says:

    I would LOVE to see new momentum for The Fair Tax – it’s seemingly lost steam because it’s 2 main advocates, Neal Boortz and former Georgia US Rep John Kinder are off their soapboxes. This is a tax only for consumption and NOT INCOME. You’re paying taxes as you purchase and that’s it! No more filing! Someone buying an in-store brand of soda would pay way less taxes than the guy buying cognac or IMPORTED beer/wine, plus all persons of majority age would be issued a monthly PREBATE check to cover basic daily needs and not paying taxes until one covers those needs. A single adult with no dependents should get a smaller PREBATE than those, whether married or single, with dependents. Paying taxes under The Fair Tax essentially means buying more stuff in general, making 1 or more big ticket purchases, particularly furniture, electronics and appliances, or both

    Certainly The Fair Tax has a UUUUUGE disadvantage in that it would greatly DISEMPOWER The Imperial Federal GOOBERment – one of my all-time favorite BOORTZisms – by stripping it of its power to pick winners and losers, buy votes (i.e., soak the rich campaigns) and use taxation as a cudgel against its perceived enemies. The Fair Tax could just NUKE the concepts of lobbying and crony capitalism

    Of course The IF GOOBERment will never willingly give up their power and their ability to gobble up more and to intrude into more people’s lives

    If at least 66% of Americans were like me (I limit my TV viewing to football and maybe the very occasional happening in MLB NBA and major college hoops, I saturate myself in talk radio whether in real time or podcasts, particularly YOURS) they would get the vivid understanding I have that The IF GOOBERment (& 2 some extent state and local) IS THE ENEMY, then We The People would really become The Force that electorally hogties the IF GOOBERment to implement The Fair Tax, then DUMFQRATS would be in permanent minority status and the Dastardly Corrupt Swamp would be WAY LESS significant in our lives

    I can dream, can I?

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