America- The Desert- How Do We Survive? The Assassination Attempt On The Life Of Atty Lin Wood, My Honor To Serve With Herschel Walker #FightBack

Words. MSM serpent media have characterized death, hell and destruction as ‘cancel’ while coordinating the annihilation of Americans who offer dissent (Truth) to manufactured lies. Atlanta’s local rag and legal hags alike, want to criminalize terms like “digital armies, God’s angel armies”. Yes, criminalize. And you know why? Because their god, Satan, knows the Truth will make you free and to call upon heavenly armies in the earth and heaven, by faith, will deliver us from evil. SUBMIT TO GOD. RESIST THE DEVIL. AND HE WILL FLEE.

I have an important spiritual analogy that may help you survive the current national desert,

In other amazing news.. I have joined the Board Of Directors of #FightBack along with one of my heroes, Herschel Walker!! This is so exciting! I am honored to serve along side this national, Kingdom treasure. You can visit


  • Renee’ cain says:

    Thank you Monica for not going silently into the night. So much of what your saying, I have been saying for years. WSB dumped a treasure letting you go BUT God has freed you to complete your mission. Keep the faith and keep speaking His Word! Jesus lives!

  • Kim M. Taylor says:

    Hi Monica,

    I love love love listening to you!!! This is my 3rd time listening to you. I’ve been commenting for weeks on your telegram to send messages of encouragement to Lin. I love your straight talk. I, too, enjoy talking honestly about my faith, politics & struggles but def not the bible school teacher type others expect from a Christian woman. It’s not who I am. Keep doing what you’re doing. The Beth Moore’s may not enjoy your speech, but many do. It’s my mouth and assertive personality that I want to use to make a difference. I retire in Dec and am working now to figure it out by waiting on God to give me direction. Human Trafficking is my burning desire x 2 years.

    Lin is unbelievable! He’s a modern day Job! He had it all. Everybody left him. The devil is tempting him to curse God. But Lin will not. Damn!! I feel for him. I pray for Lin’s deliverance daily.

    We are the head and not the tail. God has given us MANY blessings. We have the advantage. We don’t need to be spotted points. We’re already winners.

    We need to stick together.


  • Jeannie Casalenova says:

    Excellent Podcast! Thank you!

  • Par Powers says:

    I love the honesty and spirit of God speaking truth. God has His chosen ones at work. Thank you God. Thank you for voices like Monica, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and Gen. Flynn and others. But oh gee how Glorious for their voices. Need that uplifting knowledge.

  • NavyDoc says:

    Thank you Ms. Monica…
    for your openness & honesty!

  • Charla Marcum says:

    Loved your podcast tonight!!
    God bless you11

  • Michelle Bisson says:

    It’s like spring. Only the things popping up are thorny weeds instead of lush grass. But like every season it serves a purpose and we need to experience it before we can move into the next season. It’s going to be a very dark time but like a burned forest beauty will grow up and it will be more lush and beautiful than ever before. Thank you for your voice and conviction. I thank God for finding you.

  • James Litsey says:

    RE: Submit to God. Resist the devil. And he will flee.

    My favorite Scriptures:
    James 4:6b,7,8
    Romans 8:28

  • jenie McGrew says:

    Glad I found you again. I left Twitter in protest. It’s nice your here and I’m so glad your a warrior and a friend of Lin Wood. I love him.

  • Peggy says:

    It is like the first part of the journey to the promised land. Deliverance from slavery, didn’t have to experience some of the plagues, first born didn’t have to die, on a journey that will teach us many things, and show God things about us. We are about to cross the Red sea. Let’s not make that golden calf. Let’s not doubt that we are better than the giants because we have God. Let’s enter the promised Land with our Great God. God wants to bless us. Let’s step up and step out on the journey!

  • Merrilea Reeves says:

    Just found you. Do speaking my language. Thank you for your strength. Praying for you on this journey

  • Theron Hardin says:

    Wow what a program you had! You sure have grown in the last year. You may not really think so but now I have talked to you and listen to you for a number of years now and this last year you have really grown.
    This has been one heck of a year for you. I’ve heard your ups and downs. Now you are off the sand and on the solid rock, better than ever. You know what rock to which I speak.
    Love you from afar.
    Yours in Christ,

  • HALLI E CEOLA says:

    I totally appreciate what you stand for and what you just said in the pod cast. I definitely agree with all that you said and have not backed away with president Trump. And since I have learned who Lin Wood is I have been following him too.
    I would love to hear more from you and him and to learn more. Thank you for what you do, Praise God for people like you two and President Trump! I still believe Trump is coming back.

    • Tyara says:

      Amen! God is my first love, then my husband, family and friends. I am so very thankful for people like you who also love God and believe He is in control. President Trump is still my president and I believe he will be back. Praise God and may he keep you all safe, healthy, happy and doing His will. God bless you all.

  • IRReed says:

    Dear Heavenly Father
    Hallow be your glorious name

    Thank you for Monica – for her voice of reason
    Give her wisdom from above, wisdom that is pure, peaceable,gentle, reasonable full of mercy and good fruit without hypocrisy
    for Christ’s sake

  • Tommy says:

    First time listening, but I’ve been following on Telegram for a bit. Very well said! David de Plesis, a great theologian and a true Spirit-filled believer, was once asked the question, What is the greatest thing you know. He answered, Jesus loves me, this I know. They were amazed the simplest truth, sung since we were children, is the greatest thing to know.

  • David and Silvia Rainer says:

    We take your podcasts on the road with us even if it’s just going out for dinner! We come boldly to the throne and join with you in prayer. We too have seen many pastors who are not called to be pastors doing the business of church. We too see ‘church’ friends distancing themselves from us. We stand (on our knees) with you coming against corruption in the SCOTUS, the 3-letter agencies, the DOJ, the Fed govt, and the state governors and their minions who allowed this election to be stolen. As Georgians we are embarrassed, but as Christ Followers we are emboldened!!

  • Arlette Abdallah says:

    so true Monica….. some people think that they are christians and follows God’s teaching. In reality they are not christians and or coward christians who prefer to stand with Baal and his army instead of standing firm and believing in God’s words.

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