A Nation In Peril- People Ask- “What Can We DO?!”- Truth Speaker- Atty Lin Wood Has Some Ideas, Warfare- Are You Really Equipped? The Cost Of Believing Lies

The Number 1 question I see online is ‘what can we DO?!”. Americans feel hopeless and desperate while listening to LIES about their character, beliefs, hopes, lawfulness etc.. the cost of accepting and believing lies is written on a check you can’t nor should, cash. Only one cure for LIES. Attorney Lin Wood, while suffering a barrage of false accusations , personal and professional defamation, has taken to Telegram to share how HE is dealing with it and offering steps YOU take right now to eschew the lies and live in more abundant freedom.


  • Sharon Fraysse says:

    Thank you

  • Meg Cankar says:

    Kindred Spirits, we are a majority with Yahweh!

  • Natalie Bankowski says:

    Thank you for bringing us the truth

  • Adena Alati says:

    I would love to view the steps to take from Lin Wood. I have full Faith in God but I’ve seriously questioned all of these Telegram profiles and what their actual agenda really is.

  • This is a great time to be alive! Thank you Monica for sharing this info. Thank you Lin Wood for truth! We are behind you all the way❤️

  • Stefanie Gonzalez says:

    I continue to ignore MSM and Big Tech. I pray. A lot. I keep digging for the truth, because the truth will set you free. Working very hard to keep fear out of my actions and reactions. Working on my local government with a group of like minded people in my community. Working on educating those around me that do not believe in our great Lord. Dig for the truth. Listen for the truth. Speak the truth. I find comfort in Lin’s truths. Thank you for guiding us through this Hell here on earth. God Bless you Monica and Lin

  • Rhonda J Williams says:

    Love your show and I wanted to thank you for standing up for Lin Wood. God Bless you.

  • Margaret (Rose) Lopez says:

    Blessed be the truth givers. Wonderful pod! Thank you Monica for being a beacon of light.

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