My Holiday Prayer For President Trump

This entire presidency reminds me of my salvation. No, really. 

Since accepting Jesus as my savior, the constant battle has been about legitimacy. The battle my spiritual enemy reminds me of daily is one of whether or not I was actually adopted into the body of Christ. He uses my past, my present, my behavior, my ancestors, my continued walk toward becoming completely whole in the temporal afforded me by my agreement with the spiritual. 

Legitimacy. We all need to know we are legit. Why do you think criminal street gangs are so attractive to a generation of fatherless boys and girls? Why do you think people kill others to legitimize their sexual or political ideologies. Or religious ones for that matter. Something I love about Jesus, among many things was his resolve to not defend himself in the area of legitimacy. He knew who and whose he was. He knew his purpose and that no man or woman could thwart him and his providential purpose on earth. 

My prayer for our President this Christmas is that he would get quiet long enough to seek God’s voice about the legitimacy of his presidency. That he would know in every cell of his body that he has been called to such a time as this with a very specific purpose of this country. That he would not spend the next 6 years of his life defending that call, but rather living it fully. With joy and complete faith in knowing what God has brought up, no man can bring down. 



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