Black Lives Matter- Justice Or Revenge?

A wise man once told me there’s a fine line between justice and revenge. His very personal emotional attachment to a situation had subtly blinded him to the effective work in which he once took great pride. Crossing the line of justice to revenge ultimately cost him his reputation, relationships, professional legacy, family upheaval and nearly resulted in him taking his own life. He wanted people to answer for their egregious sins. His lust for justice engulfed the purity of his plight. 

He shared this wisdom with me as I too was leading the charge in exposing the sickening habits of some of my legislature’s heavy hitters. These are bad people with long memories who will stop at nothing to protect their power, greed and capital- human and professional leverage. He caught me right as I was taking chances familiar to him. Thankfully, I heeded his warning. Justice will come and I rest in that knowledge. 

I wonder how many signs we’ve had as a nation that we were crossing the line from justice to revenge. Did we really not see our current national inferno coming? I see social media posts proclaiming ” this isn’t who we are, America”. I often rebut with, but IT IS. This is exactly who we are. Some believe it’s only a small faction of Americans who are interested in burning it all down and starting over, but that’s not true. 

In recent days I’ve received countless calls from religious organizations, politicians and corporate entities to end white supremacy. My inbox is full of pleas for agreement with a doctrine of revenge. Each one has the appearance of peacemaking, but the mindset behind the demand is twofold: capitulation and guilt. Capitulation to a national narrative birthed in revenge driven by great fear and dread. Revenge also demands guilt. In a nation already bathed in the womb of false piety, the demand for prostrated contrition of every white man, woman and child is rampant. 

The church is leading the charge of meeting the demands of a world system held hostage by the great deceiver of the nations and accuser of the brethren. We are running to the front of the line of guilt to proclaim our assigned supremacy in what APPEARS to be a move of righteousness. When in fact, it’s an affront to the very atoning sacrifice made by God himself. The sacrifice that makes it incumbent upon every man and woman to receive, extend and apply said blood sacrifice of the one supreme being in all of creation. 

Yet, we fold. And why do we do that? Because it makes us APPEAR righteous. It makes us APPEAR holy. We feel good about hitting our knees and begging for forgiveness for something we didn’t do. I’m shaking my head as I type this. It’s just that unbelievable and exasperating to me. 

To assume any one of us can do enough, pay enough, grovel enough or shed enough blood to atone for our national sins of the past is pride at its highest level. It’s cowardice. 

See, it takes much more courage to assign the guilt of man and subsequent reparation and restoration, to the Savior of the world. It takes courage to stare down the corporate church, system and mob and say, I’m not guilty. I am free. And so are you because God made it so. 

As the nation calls for law enforcement agencies to be dismantled, the warriors of justice rooted in liberating truth are on their faces begging for mercy from an unrelenting godless society of vengeful, jealous terrorists. 

Justice is aborted on the altar of revenge. If black lives really mattered Democrats and Republicans alike would not only support, but demand a federal criminal gang statute to de-politicize the local curators of law, order & justice who have sold their souls to demonic elements of society. They cheat, cut corners, pander, placate and molest justice for the sake of greed and power. 

Blacks are slaughtered by each other in cities across the US, yet I don’t see the Crips or Bloods on an apology tour for the systemic self hatred and murder. I don’t see the church demanding rapists, murderers, thieves and traffickers lie prostrate before the world for killing our black brothers and sisters. Why is that? Do we just accept it as normal? I’ll tell you. Fear. Fear of man. We are an impotent, voiceless and gutless entity of false piety and sanctimony in the name of faith. 

Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review writes  Pandering is not compassion. Misdiagnosing a culture of violence in many inner cities as being fundamentally caused by the police is not only blaming the cause on the reaction, but is ignoring the true travesty of lost black lives due to unbridled gang-related crime.” Read entire piece here.

Systemic racism is a lie. There are racists and there will always be racists. This is about lawlessness rooted in revenge. This is about uprooting the very soul of this nation’s foundation of law and order. This is about establishing a new order in the earth. 

Don’t be played. There’s only ONE race. There’s only ONE reparation. There’s only ONE atonement. Get up off of your knees patriot and STAND.

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  • C.A. says:

    Monica, Last week I took down my facebook page forever…Apparently because I did not post a black square to my account – my former boss from a large insurance company decided that I was a racist and told me to never use her as a job reference ever again. I am white and she is also white. The persecution of “non-believers” has already begun in this country..but Monica – I want to know – How do we know that we are at a tipping point in this country? because I feel like we are very very close right now to outright persecution. How do we know? Is it when they decide to blow up Stone Mountain because it is “racist”? Is it when my home is confiscated by the government because I have “white privilege”? I think you and I and everyone else honestly knows the answer – It is when the next democrat is elected president. We are deluding ourselves if we do not think there will be reparations, maybe our property and homes will be “redistributed”, maybe us non believers will be sent to “reeducation camps”? I am asking this because I am a fighter – one who believes in standing up for my principles and those of the Bible and God, but I also know when I am in a fight that cannot be won. There are already too many people drinking the kool aid in this country right now…So When we get to that tipping point, is it time to leave this country? and if so, where do we go?

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